Brands, You Only Live Once

We've all heard "YOLO" (way too many times). Yet, there is wisdom in those four simple words. Rarely does a simple quote apply to so many situations.

We hear it when we are unsure of pursuing something exciting and possibly "dangerous." Perhaps taking that job across the country will pay off with great experience down the road. Or, maybe, you have some concerns about that exotic trip to a country you've never seen before. I know I did when I first went abroad - to Southeast Asia! Never before has this been so accurate.

The one consistent phrase I heard when I was debating on studying abroad for the first time was, "You only live once..." followed by "go do it." After a great deal of research, I set aside my fears and took the plunge. The experience was transformational. 

So how does studying abroad relate to advertising? It was the only chance I had to visit Southeast Asia in undergrad. In the world of advertising, your ad only has one chance to make an impact on someone's life.

We decide to buy (or not) faster than the time it takes the human eye to blink. If your brand does not effectively communicate its value proposition then the ad is dead. Months of work is wasted. That failure can be recovered, at great expense, but that often isn’t the case.

There are countless examples of brands missing their mark. The best one can hope for is the ad dies off and is forgotten. The worst is being remembered as a warning to others.

Never deviate from knowing your consumer better than the competition. Research brings out both the good and bad aspects of your product or service. Identify the right information to communicate to the right audience.

When it does pay off, it’s a good day for everyone. The consumer wins, the client wins, and the agency wins.