Expert of the Week: Samantha Hopkins

Samantha Hopkins

Senior Creative Recruiter at The Creative Group

What is your professional background?

Prior to working with Robert Half International I worked in Sports Marketing. I enjoyed the fast pace culture, relationship building, and the corporate culture. I realized here my strength was in relationship building. From here I decided I needed to get into the technology field in some way since it is booming. That is how I ended up at Robert Half and inevitably TCG. My job is really spent building relationships. I do not get to know people to place them in a job today (as much as I wish I could) I want to place them in a job today, 5 years from now, and 10 years from now.


As a Senior Creative Recruiter, what’s your average day like?

HAHAHAHA! Like any job I do not have an average day. Typically my days are long I get into work around 7:30 and get home at about 7PM at night. My mornings are spent building relationships, finding new talent, and setting up interviews. Interviews are imperative for me. This is 30 minutes of undivided attention on a candidate to really understand them and how we can develop a plan of attack for them in this job market. In the afternoon I typically spend it on these interviews. Throughout the day, I receive in orders from clients which derails my original plan, but that’s secretly where I thrive. I love the challenge of making a match for client and candidate at the drop of a hat. I take pride in my relationships which assists me in making this match even faster.


What has been your greatest accomplishment at The Creative Group?

I don’t think I have one major accomplishment at TCG, every day is made up of little accomplishments that culminate as one large one. Every day I am challenged to assist people in finding them a home in their next role. It is a HUGE weight to take on.

Yes, I know I am only a third party resource and I cannot place everyone, but we take it very seriously in assisting people to the best of our ability. So when you finish a day and you were able to assist someone either find a job, streamline their search process, or even congratulate them on finding a job on their own, it’s an accomplishment.


Do you utilize any recruitment software? If so, what have you found to be most effective for your needs?

Robert Half has a proprietary database in which we use. It is amazing! Everyone we talk to goes into this database for future use. However, my next go to resources are LinkedIn and Twitter. Since I specialize within digital marketing most of these candidates have a very strong presence.


What trends in talent acquisition do you foresee in the near future? What about the long term?

The market is only getting better for people looking for jobs within the creative/marketing space. Clients are heavily investing in this space, and the talent pool is limited.  Now is the time to passively look for roles because clients are willing to pay above market value for top talent.


What books/blogs/materials about job search would you recommend?

Our TCG Blog is definitely one of the best. It will cover hiring advice, new roles, and market trends. I also follow the Art Directors Club of Philadelphia and Philly Ad News. Both of those organizations are great resource for local information.


Among job seekers, what are the most common made with their search?

The most common mistake with job seekers is they do not realize they need to brand themselves. People are not just looking at resumes. They will look at your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, portfolio, resume, affiliations, etc. Everything that a candidate does needs to stay cohesive. There is also a fine line, you cannot do every form of social media and be great and be a brand ambassador for yourself. Candidates need to stick with a few forms, be really good at it, and hide the rest. For example, I have a strong LinkedIn and Twitter presence @SamIamTCG. That is my brand and when people are directed to me they can definitely find both of those two social media accounts and cohesively see what I am about. When candidates do this they complete the package of what companies are working for.


What advice would you give to job seekers?

Connect with a recruiter!!! They are not just valuable to find you a job today, they will give you market information to assist you in planning your career path. They can answer questions like, when is the best time to make a move? What do you think of this company? They are an invaluable relationship to have.


Steve's Experience

I've worked with Sam for over two years now. I can personally attest to her thoughtfulness and customer service excellence. She keeps me in the loop with news and advice. She's helped me through tough times. Sam is fantastic friend.


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