Expert of the Week: Christine Kochevar

Christine Kochevar
Division Director, The Creative Group

What is your professional background?

I graduated with a Liberal Arts major with a concentration in Graphic Design and prior to working for TCG I was a Graphics Manager in Chicago.


As a Division Director, what’s your average day like?

An average day at TCG is usually a crazy day :) 

Starts off with a meeting with the team first thing in the morning and prioritizing the jobs that need to be worked and reviewing the candidates that we have met with that day/week.  After that it is just being on the phones and working to make that perfect match for our clients and candidates.


What has been your greatest accomplishment at The Creative Group?

I hit my million dollar milestone in April of this year!


Do you utilize any recruitment software? If so, what have you found to be most effective for your needs?

Outside of our database I utilize LinkedIn the most but I have been working more with other social media platforms lately which I feel has been successful.


What trends in talent acquisition do you foresee in the near future? What about the long term?

The trends are dictated by the market and right now it is great!  Top talent in the market right now can be a challenge to retain because companies are hiring, which means the talent has options.  However, when the market is not as strong we retain more talent but companies are less likely to hire.


What books/blogs/materials about job search would you recommend?

I would recommend following relevant groups on LinkedIn which typically has great articles that are regularly posted about topics such as: resumes tips, interviews suggestions and general job search best practices.


Among job seekers, what are the most common mistake made with their search?

People will start applying to jobs that they are not qualified for and I strongly urge people to not do that.  People will look at a job description and think “Oh, I can learn that” or “I could do that” when employers are not going to hire someone that doesn’t not contain the skill set that the company needs.


What advice would you give to job seekers?

It is so important for job seekers to make sure that their resumes are relevant to their actual work experience and the position they are applying for.  Employers don’t want someone who has been all over, doing all different things. They want someone who has an area of expertise and not a jack of all trades.  Job seekers that have multiple skill sets should cater their resumes to the position so it highlights their areas of strengths that are relevant to the jobs they are applying too.

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