In a nutshell...

I'm an aspiring marketing professional in the Philadelphia area.  My interest is in digital marketing and project management. I have experience with social media, blogging, event planning, market research. I am learning SEO and HTML on my own time. I have studied abroad across ten countries. I have also been published in two academic journals.

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My LinkedIn Profile

Expert of the Week - I interview experts to learn about their experiences. Interviews are scheduled to post on Wednesdays at 12 PM. I ask what advice they would give to someone pursuing a similar career. Preview Tweets are posted the day before and a half hour before going live. Additionally, I archive my interviews on my LinkedIn Publications.

Small Business Showcase - just like Expert of the Week, I interview small businesses. I ask how they got started, what they sell, what project they liked most, and what challenges they face. Exactly as EotW, I ask what advice they would give to fellow entrepreneurs.


Take a look around. Pictures with location captions are all taken by me. No, they were not touched up.