Purpose of this Handbook

Most of us are forced to learn by trial and error. I wrote this book to help you. My goal is to save you time and frustration. I sincerely hope that you create your version of the President's Handbook using these principles and pass it down through each generation of new officers. This book is not just for presidents, it also contains guidelines for officers looking to become president.

If you learn nothing else from this book, please, take this advice: If it is new to you, it will be new to your successor. Write it down and update it as necessary.


Disclaimer and Legalities

The content is solely my opinion and does not reflect that of anyone else. Names have been removed to protect the identities of others. There are sections that refer to laws. This is for educational purposes. I am not a lawyer; do not take my advice as legitimate legal counsel. I am not a doctor; do not take my advice as legitimate medical counsel.

Part One - The Essentials

Part Two - Elections

Part Three - The Art of the Meeting

Part Four - Protecting Your Organization