How did this start?

It started as a Facebook post. I was telling my friends of an opportunity to "get free from the government, if I qualify." When I asked too many questions, the scammer yelled and hung up on me.

Here's my first Scam Alert, "Legal Health Department."


Why do this?

I see it as a civil service. No one likes being scammed. I'm turning the tables by wasting their time. "Time is money" is especially true for crooks.

Check out this article by Consumerist, Technology That Improves Phones Also Means Scam Calls Are Easy And Dirt Cheap.

Are these real?


You frequently mention Indians. Why?

They're the ones who call most frequently.

How do you know they're Indians?

I know by their accent. I spent enough time with non-U.S. students to distinguish accents by hearing.

The other major give away is they can't properly pronounce my name.

Do you have something against them?

I have something against con-artists, regardless of who they are, where they are from, human or robot. I'd actually appreciate a bit more variety.

Why do you get so many calls?

I have no clue.

Do you call them?


Does this ever get boring?

It's hilarious every time.